A strategic partnership to refresh the brand


Seamless Studio provided consulting services for Taquicardia, an artisanal serigraphy textile and fine art photography project born in Buenos Aires. The design trio behind Taquicardia agreed that something was off. After two years in the market, the client approached us because they realised the brand was lacking a firm concept that unified the design and fine art productions. They sensed there was confusion around their offering and it came to their attention that even with a showroom, an online shop, two separate Instagram accounts and presence in both Art and Design trade shows, their commercial objectives were not being met.

Over a period of six months, we worked with the owners to understand the core of the brand:
Why they are in business
What the value proposal is
What the business model looks like for both Design and Art products and services
Who their ideal client is
What is the best way to cater to those ideal clients What the customer journeys look like for these clients
What does a holistic brand experience for Taquicardia entail

This project concluded in a full strategic business report, including insights from Design Research and recommended solutions based on these with a roadmap for implementation. These solutions targeted different areas of the business, from production to communication.

The client was able to successfully activate changes in a progressive, practical manner, and today Taquicardia’s brand identity, positioning and messaging have been reinforced. 


1. Since the solution package was activated in the second half of 2019, Taquicardia has successfully organized two Open House events to showcase their work and participated in several design exhibits.

2. At present, Taquicardia has a showroom in their atelier and opened a pop-up shop in Buenos Aires where both photography and textiles can be purchased.

3. The brand has partnered with Diderot Art, an online art gallery where the trio is exhibiting their fine art photography prints. 


Design Research, Insights, Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy


2019 -2020


Buenos Aires, Argentina