We work together with organizations searching for opportunities to promote an informed and smart sustainable transformation. Every client case is unique, and this is why we respond with a tailored approach based on the specific requirements and needs to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in our service.  
Discover the potential all our areas of service in order to learn how we might work together on your next project.
Our industry experience allows us to creatively and innovatively solve demanding challenges.

Our Services

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Pressure Vessel Inspection

We carry out periodic inspections, qualifications and evaluation of the residual life of artifacts under pressure in order to guarantee compliance with local laws and regulations. This includes official presentation of reports.

More than 30 years ago we formed a professional and technical team to perform control services in pressure vessels and boilers. We have our own workshop and mobile calibration benches that allows us to practically carry out the work in our installation or at the client's facilities.

The permanence and growth of ECOTEC in this market guarantees the quality of the service we provide and our leadership in the field.

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+500organizations trusts us with our service

3000pressure vessel artifacts and boilers inspected in the last 12 months

+2000safety valves inspected and calibrated in our Calibration Workshop in the last 12 months

What we do:
  • Periodic inspection and evaluation of the residual life of artifacts with pressure vessels
  • Design of inspection plans for organizations
  • Lifecycle extension tests
  • Non-destructive tests of artifacts and materials
  • Combustion efficiency tests for boilers
  • Calibration and certification of safety valves at an authorized workshop by OPDS
  • Documentation and registers validated by Official Control Organisms
  • Capacity-building on related subjects
  • Advisory on API, ASME, National Board, IRAM, ISO, applicable local legislations
We have:

A team of registered professionals and technicians. The official certifications they have include

  • ASME membership
  • AWS membership
  • Professionals Registered Level II by OPDS
  • Registration for non-destructive tests by CNEA / INTI
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Environmental Monitoring & Analytical Laboratory

We are a multidisciplinary professional and technical team with over 20 years of experience, training and expertise in environment, occupational safety and health, engineering, chemistry, among other knowledges.

Being our aim to work with our clients to optimize processes, we perform sampling and analyses of environmental and occupational parameters.

Our lab is accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 and certified as Category A by the Ministry of Environment.

We synchronize our work with our clients to meet specifics of their monitoring programs, as well as their legal and environmental requirements, developing innovative monitoring plans to follow the new environmental challenges.

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10 yearsmonitoring gas emissions and ambient air quality for the main automotive companies of Argentina on a continuous base

PM10we are the only environmental lab that has this parameter sampling in gas emissions certified by IRAM 29236 standard

PM 2.5pioneers in monitoring it in ambient air and gas emissions

AERMOD E3we model gas emissions to suit our customers' needs

What we do:

Planning and performing measuring and monitoring programs in:

  • Superficial and ground water
  • Potable water
  • Liquid effluents
  • Ambient air quality with real-time meteorological data determination
  • Gas emissions
  • Soil, sludge and sediments
  • Nuisance noise to neighbours
  • Work environment: lighting, vibration, noise, heat load, asbestos, chemicals
  • Choice and running dispersion models for gas emissions (point or diffuse sources)
  • Legal compliance checks
  • Counselling to reduce impacts to environment
We have:
  • Our own laboratory with parameters certified by ISO 17025 standard
  • Knowledge of IRAM, EPA, NIOSH, ASTM. SM standards among others, as well as local regulations to assess and compare results
  • Capacitaciones técnicas continuas en el área de su incumbencia a través de organismos oficiales CIATI y Jenck.
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Environmental Management

With the vision of working as an extended team with our clients, the Environmental Management area was consolidated to provide assistance in regularization and legal compliance on environmental matters.

The team of experts at ECOTEC offers these services with a multidisciplinary approach. Since 1996, we have grown and specialized on legal frameworks both at a national and provincial level.

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+15 yearsproviding global environmental management for 5 industries

17 EIAson urban enterprises in the province of Buenos Aires

24 declarationsfor high-complexity establishments on annual residues

+40 negotiationsActively monitored for 17 organizations

What we do:
  • Studies on Environmental Impact Evaluations for Civil, Engineering and Industrial enterprises
  • Environmental audits
  • Design and implementation of Environmental Management Systems, Risk-management and Responsibility Systems
  • Permit negotiations for industrial installations and establishments
  • Design of Monitoring Plans for water and liquid effluents based on the applicable legal requirements and client specifics
  • Geological and hydrogeological evaluations
  • Residue Management development: Desarrollo de gestión de residuos: Reduction of waste and inputs
  • Presentations to obtain authorizations, exploitation permits and rollover permits before Official Control Bodies, such as: OPDS, INA, AdA, Municipalities, among others
  • Environmental planning for investment projects
We have:

A team of technicians specialized in:

  • Contract management and processes
  • Certification management and processes
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Engineering & Development

Being the newest area in Ecotec, since 2013 we have worked with our clients in the fulfillment of projects and designing solutions suiting their defined needs.

We have a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals that provide support and add value to the development of each stage during the whole process.

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10 yearsdeveloping this area

+70 projectsincluding finished civil works, industrial plants permits, building improvements and process reengineering

+30 clientswho trust and have worked with us

Sustainabilityis in the base of all our projects, looking forward to optimize resources use and reduce consumables

What we do:
  • Develop, supervise and execute industrial and electromechanical installations (compressed air, cooling towers, natural gas, among others)
  • Design and build facilities for the treatment of gas emission, liquid effluents and others
  • Engineering to adapt pipes and ducts to rules
  • Turnkey projects for energy savings, waste reduction and non-conventional energies
  • Produce and manage permits for civil and electromechanical installations
  • Sustainable architecture, design and build eco-efficient buildings and installations
  • Thermographic reports, electric grounding and continuity measurements
  • Consultancy for a responsible corporate management oriented to sustainability
We have:
  • Registered professionals in the different public Control Offices: professional associations, municipalities, INA, AdA, MA and others
  • Professionals and technicians with expertise in projecting, supervising and executing works and installations
  • Specialized professionals in the sustainability area
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Over the years ECOTEC has been constantly growing and evolving as an organization. In 2022, we started a new chapter in our story and opened a new service area focused on Sustainability solutions.​

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our organization, guiding everything we do in all our areas of service. We bring expertise and experience to the table, in order to identify opportunities and deliver solutions for sustainable transformation adapted to the specific context of our clients.

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New Area of service developed by ECOTEC

Projectswith sustainability at the center of our business practices

Clientswhom we collaborate with on the development of environmental solutions of value in order to achieve significant change

What we do:
  • Diagnosis and feasibility of certifications and project implementation related to energy efficiency for buildings and industrial installations
  • Projects for energetic efficiency improvements and savings for buildings, industrial installations, boiler and compressor rooms amongst others
  • Consulting services for sustainable certifications:
    • Building certifications: LEED, WELL, EDGE, others
    • Eco seals for Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    • ISO-14001 certification: legal matrix analysis, risk-management analysis, amongst other
    • B Corp certification
  • Sustainability reports
  • Carbon footprint measurement
We have:
  • All of the professionals on our team are registered in the official control organisms: Associations, Municipal, MAyDS, AdA, ApRA, MA, amongst others​
  • Our team is specialized in the field of Sustainability​


Learn about environmental regulatory and legal requirements in the following links.
Provincia de Buenos Aires
01. Dto. 531/19, Res. 494/19 y Dto. 973/20 – Radicación Industrial

02. Dto. 806/97 y Dto. 650/11 – Residuos Especiales

03. Res. 592/00 – Depósitos de Residuos Especiales

04. Res. 317/20 - Plan de Gestión Integral e Inclusiva de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos

05. Res. 2222/19 – Régimen para Prefactibilidades y Permisos AdA

06. Res. 231/96 y Res. 1126/07 - Régimen de Artefactos Sometidos a Presión

07. Dto. 1074/18 y Res. 559/19 – Emisiones Gaseosas

08. Res. 155/21 – Registro de foguistas y frigoristas.
01. Dto. 674/89 y Dto. 776/92 — Control de Efluentes Líquidos

02. Ley 19.587 y Dto. 351/79 – Seguridad e Higiene