El Mar y la Sirena con E

Going back to print weaving words and art


This book was conceived originally by Maxi Larguia as a legacy piece for his grandchildren. We were asked to imagine a creative proposal for this highly visual book, as it is both an illustrated literary work and an art catalogue containing the author’s art. The result is a special format book designed to appeal to anyone who likes a good love story, art and the seaside.

From a layout perspective, the general decision was made with the author to design a double-entry book to separate the story from the art catalogue, connecting them in the middle with a bold paper design that acts as a division. Readers are invited to rotate, flip and rest the book anyway they want. We additionally combined various types of papers, textures and colors to give the publication different rhythms in each section.

El Mar y la Sirena con E was printed as a limited edition and published independently in Buenos Aires, and sold via Instagram by the author. The book is currently in its third edition, a pocket book version. 


Project Management, Art Direction, Editorial Design and Supervision




Buenos Aires, Argentina