A simple idea with great impact


HUMNA is the result of a simple and powerful idea that is vermicompost as a solution for better soil health.

Together with landscape designer Giselle Casasnovas, we worked on the construction of the brand HUMNA, which offers an artisanal 100% pure vermicompost product that is sold seasonally. Throughout this branding project, we worked over a period of six months with the HUMNA team to develop the conceptual core based on their business model and were able to eventually reach a visual identity design proposal.

Another part of this project involved thinking about ways to sustainably innovate in the natural fertilizers market. We helped design another service layer for HUMNA that is still in process, that consists of providing an organic waste management service for local businesses including equine ranches, polo stables and other small dairy farms. 


1. HUMNA started production in 2019 with 6 beds for vermicompost with the intention of testing their productive capacity, composting techniques and measuring the chemical results from their first hummus batches. Today HUMNA has scaled up and doubled their production capacity with 26 beds in total, in order to meet the growing demand for their product.

2. At present wholesale is the priority. Since the hummus production is limited, new clients are brought in progressively..

3. HUMNA has been active on social media from the beginning, betting on organic growth of their community with whom they are interacting more. They have also seen the positive repercussions on social media with existing clients mentioning and talking about HUMNA online. 


Design Research, Insights, Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Design, Social Media Kit




Buenos Aires, Argentina