Pampa Infinita

Unpacking the value of a branding strategy


Pampa Infinita is a prestigious landscape design school in Argentina that has invited Seamless Studio to participate in a conversation around the value of design and business, conducting a Branding workshop for landscape designers. This workshop is delivered in three sessions, combining theory and practical exercises around real client case studies, in order to facilitate the incorporation of branding concepts applied to landscape architecture design. The overall objective of this workshop is to open the dialogue and share ideas about the impact of good design. Additionally, this learning experience also provides students with the fundamental tools to start building their personal brand.


1. We worked with 96 students over the past four years and oversaw the development of 19 professional studio projects. Three of these projects were presented to the proposed clients.

2. Many of the students went on to create their own brands for their landscape architecture studios, implementing a formal branding strategy using the framework from the workshop by the time of graduation from Pampa Infinita.


Workshop, Brand Strategy


2019 - 2021


Buenos Aires, Argentina