Seeker Parking

Designing the experience for an urban mobility solution


Seeker is a start-up that reached out to Seamless Studio with an initial MVP for a smart parking app service, in order to help the company lay the foundations for their digital ambition and bridge the gap in the existing brand concept.
Seamless Studio guided the shift from an unclear and fragmented concept to a human-centered, coherent and cohesive brand with a clear service and value proposal around quality of life and smart urban mobility. Over a two-year engagement we were able to deep-dive into the needs of consumers and market, providing the structure for a holistic branding strategy with solid concept pillars.
Our work with Seeker concluded with the communication campaign concept and art direction for the official launch of the brand.


1. In November 2020 Seeker launched to market officially in the city of Buenos Aires with a fully working digital product. By June 2021, Seeker has been ranked within the Top 10 apps in the Argentinian motor vehicle segment.

2. Seeker currently has 1200 active users and there have been up to +7k downloads of this free app since its launch in November 2020, combining both Google Play and Apple Store. With a strong focus on data recollection and processing, the company is continually refining the commercial strategy in order to grow.

3. Seeker was able to meet one of its priority commercial milestones within its first six months of activity, having partnered with a motor vehicle insurance company in order to offer the app users added benefits.

4. The brand is running several ad campaigns to generate both brand awareness and installs, while further iterations of the digital product are built based on user feedback to increase performance.

5. One of the main hurdles for Seeker is capturing new commercial clients, who are in this case the owners of parking lots. These business owners are not quite sure if they want to transition towards a fully digital parking system, which means that Seeker will have to find new ways to help them see the benefits and ease this process for them.

6. Additionally, the Seeker team has grown and now 12 people work within the organization. 


Design Research, Insights, Brand Strategy, Visual Design, Website Design, Communications Strategy, Art Direction, Social Media Strategy Kit




Buenos Aires, Argentina / Barcelona, España