Bringing data solutions closer to businesses


This project consisted of an integral branding strategy design for a Business Intelligence (BI) consulting company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our collaboration resulted in the launch of a comprehensive brand experience across different customer touchpoints, with the full development and implementation of the visual brand system.

The main challenge in Takyon’s case was translating the complexity behind their powerful, practical data solutions into an approachable and forward-thinking brand system.


1. Takyon managed to successfully present itself and engage with other businesses using their website and LinkedIn, in a coherent and cohesive way with a solid corporate message based on their brand identity.

2. The company is incorporating new talent, which they have been able to align with the brand’s conceptual core and visual system.

3. Brand deliverables helped Takyon overall provide a better client experience. 


Design Research, Brand Strategy, Visual Design, Website Design, Commercial Presentation Design


2018 - 2020


Buenos Aires, Argentina