Diván Online

A strategy to make the world feel better


We partnered with two clinical psychologists from Buenos Aires, in order to help them build an innovative online therapy service for Hispanics across the world.

Diván Online discovered a rare opportunity for disruption after COVID-19 broke out, to digitally address Psychoanalysis in a new, contemporary and relevant manner and also making it accessible to a larger global community. A key question explored during this project was: how can a traditional and elitist therapeutic discipline such as Psychoanalysis become a more viable and accessible option for people who want mental health assistance?

Diván Online as a brand was developed in full, from business ideation to naming, visual brand system construction. The end result of this project was the design of a truly convenient service focused on the human experience.


1. The strategic work generated provided clarity and understanding of the opportunity spaces and the advantage point Diván Online has.

2. The brand chose to launch with an organic approach, that will allow Diván Online to steadily build up the demand for their therapy services while testing user responses. As the awareness grows, the brand is effectively communicating its value proposal and differentiating itself. Also, the online community on social media is increasing, with authentic engagement in posts and a higher number of inquiries about the service via DMs.

3. Having launched the brand and services in December 2020, Diván Online is already active in Argentina and Europe, with active Hispanic-speaking patients in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin.  


Design Research, Insights, Brand Development, Naming, Brand Positioning, Communications Strategy, Visual Design, Website (Frontend)




Buenos Aires, Argentina / Barcelona, España